internet connection using wvdial on ubuntu

I am using a nokia 7250 as gprs modem an CA-42 cable for serial to usb converter on ubuntu 7.04 (feisty fawn). No need to install a single driver..oh.. i love ubuntu.. 😡

1. Plug in the cable to your PC, and then #dmesg to see that the converter cable is detected. You may see something like this picture below..


2. Next step is detecting your modem. Do #wvdialconf. You have your modem detected if you seeing the message like this picture below.. (mine is nokia)

3. Edit the configuration file at /etc/wvdial.conf (#vim /etc/wvdial.conf). Fill the username,password and phone with details which given by your ISP.. then.. save and quit.

4. Dialing… #wvdial. Check your IP? DNS server? Happy browsing… 🙂