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AkuCuci, Laundry Online Pertama di Kota Bogor

Kabar gembira bagi kita semua, khususnya warga Kota Bogor, bukan kulit manggis ada ekstraknya, tapi sekarang ada laundry online pertama di Kota Bogor. Namanya AkuCuci. Ada cucian kotor, tinggal order lalu diantar jemput sama AkuCuci. Enak kan? Sementara AkuCuci baru bisa digunakan jika kamu masih berada di area Kota Bogor […]

How to license your application


“How to license my application?” That question never popped out in my mind, not even once, until today. Someone emailed me this morning, saying that suggesting me to put OSS license to my “monode-crud” application that i uploaded on my github. This is his email says. Hi, Would you consider […]

How to convert foreign chars on Code Igniter

Working with foreign chars on Code Igniter is super simple. I’ve been working on website with vietnamese language for quite some time. Yes, vietnamese character with their curly accessories on alphabets. For example if you use slug on your vietnamese language on url you will get “Disallowed Character” error. Another […]