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Schema Migration (DB migration) using Phinx

Phinx - Schema Migration Tools

Managing database is a part of software development process. Each team have their own way to manage their schema/database. Often times I see people manage their database using sql files. As application grows, managing database changes using sql files is inconvenient. If you miss or forget to apply one or more alter script on […]

How to log MongoDB slow queries

MongoDB Profiler

In this short post, I would like to share how to log and identify slow queries in MongoDB. I have some experience on handling MongoDB on production for several years now. I found this slow queries problem often occur if your application gets bigger and bigger. MongoDB have a very […]

Sekilas PHP dan MongoDB

Posting kali ini sekedar sharing percobaan menggunakan PHP dengan MongoDB. Apa itu MongoDB? MongoDB adalah document-based database server. MongoDB ini open source dibangun dengan bahasa pemrograman c++. Kata wikipedia, MongoDB ini scalable, high-performance, schema-free, web-scale. Isi dari MongoDB ini adalah koleksi dari dokumen – dokumen JSON-like. Kira – kira isinya […]