How to license your application

Choose a license

“How to license my application?”

That question never popped out in my mind, not even once, until today. Someone emailed me this morning, saying that suggesting me to put OSS license to my “monode-crud” application that i uploaded on my github. This is his email says.

Would you consider putting an open source license on your monode-crud application so I may modify it to my needs and give you credit for the original app? I suggest any open source software license such as the MIT License. SeeĀ
Many thanks in advance,

Well, okay, putting a license to my application maybe a good idea. Umm.. how do i license my application? and what license should i choose for my application?

We, software developers mostly just love to code, try new things, upload and share it on our github account. I assume many software developers still not familiar with this licensing things, well, at least myself. Don’t worry bros, i will show you how to do it. Thanks to good guy pk.

  • Open
  • Read carefully and pick whichever that suits your application the most. In my case, i pick MIT license, the most permissive one, the shortest and straight to the point.
  • Go to detail page of the license that you chose. There will be “how to apply this license” on the top right sidebar.
  • Copy and paste the license, create a file named LICENSE or LICENSE.txt in your application directory.
  • Edit the placeholder that marked with brackets { }. eg : {year}, {fullname}
  • Done.

That’s all about it. You have your application licensed.

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