Nice to meet you

This is a #latepost. This post has been on the draft for almost a week. It was late not because of I am busy with work, publishing this post late will  make me look busy.

Okay, I will tell you what happened last week. I met a Japanese blogger. Her name is Hiroko Yokota. She visited my office last week. What makes last week meeting was special are, she can speak Bahasa Indonesia and now she is living in my hometown, Palembang. Even more special she wrote about Pricebook in her blog.

Thank you so much Hiroko-san 🙂



She is interested in Indonesia, she is living here to study Bahasa Indonesia. Go check her blog out, she writes a lot of interesting things. Mostly in Japanese, but also in English and Indonesia! Well, you might need to use google translate to read it 😛

Hiroko-san, oai dekite ureshikattadesu.

It was glad to meet you.

Note :

Headline image on her blog is a picture of Musi River (Sungai Musi), the largest river on South Sumatra.

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